Projects Presented at KIDSCREEN 2019

Maya Climbs the Stars

Each night as Maya jumps into bed, she is catapulted into an amazing universe of unique and quirky planets.

There, along with her guiding star and her pet cat, she learns the magic of action and the ripple effect her choices have along the way.

Ages 6 and up. 26 x 8

Sneaky Sayuri

It might be a defenseless old lady being held up at gunpoint, or a kid being bullied at school.

Whatever the dire circumstance, if Sneaky Sayuri is near, you can bet that within seconds, the guilty will be punished!

Comedy. Age 8 and up. In development.

Nana Kickbutz

Zeke and Cleo are dreading spending the summer with Nana. That changes quickly when they stumble upon her secret life as a nighttime crime fighter.

Utilizing snapping dentures, high-tech knitting needles, a rocket-firing walker, and more, this fearless trio fights evil the unexpected way.

Ages 8 & up. 26 x 11

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