Faith-based Projects

Herald Entertainment has enjoyed a long track record of award winning and successful faith-based films, video series and books… with more on the way.

Laugh and grow bible

An ongoing series of animated Bible stories, based on the award-winning Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids! 

2D animation

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The Torchlighters

This is an ever-growing and multiple award-winning series based on true-life stories of people who had a profound effect on history around the world.
17 x 28, Traditional animation with 17 live action documentaries
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Brother Francis

An ongoing series, created specifically for the religious educational market, which has grown into a successful brand that includes books, apps, games and audio products.
18 x 30, 3D and 2D animation
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The Adventures of Ryan Defrates

A comedy series in which the mother of a cocky, young spy accidentally solves a case resulting in the spy agency teaming them up for future assignments.
12 x 28 Cutout animation
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The Witnesses Trilogy

An award winning, traditionally animated depiction of the life of Christ, as well as the subsequent lives of his apostles.
3 x 80
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A traditionally animated depiction of the life of Joseph- a young man who is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers only to become an Egyptian Pharaoh that saves his betrayers from famine.
90 minutes
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The Jesus Stories

The misadventures of four young friends who learn valuable lessons when a book shows them stories that help them resolve their predicaments.
9 X 9


Through its Brother Francis brand, Herald continues to successfully publish children’s books to an increasingly growing list of customers.

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